True Crime Podcasting Course

8 Week True Crime Podcast Training Course! 8 live calls with True Crime Podcasting Experts!

Starts October 1, 2024

1. Getting Started! 
What Type of Equipment You Need To Get Started.
-Talking about the different mics (Shure Microphones, Rhode, Blue Yettis)
-Talking about the different interfaces (Scarlet solo, etc)
-Talking about the different type of headphones (beats, etc)
-Mic Stands
-What To Record on? (Squadcast, stremyard, riverside, zoom, skype)
-Editing (basic editing)
-Disturbuting Platforms
-Podcast Network Verse doing it yourself.
-Consider hiring editors if you dont know what you are doing.
-Making graphics for your podcast.
-licensing music for your podcast!

2. Finding your niche! 
-Do you have a purpose?
-What genre is your podcast?
-Differnt type of True Crime Podcast (Story Telling, Interview Style, Conversational, Roundtable, Montalogue)
-Finding your name
-Weekly Podcast
-Bi-Weekly Podcast
-Podcast Series
-Top Networks

3. Ethical Research 
-Fioa request *
-Going over court documents * State and Federal
-Appeal Documentents *
-Making sure the research matches
-What graphics are okay to show?
-Avoiding Soliactious Research (live call)
-Creators who hire researcher
-Not Speculating (focus on facts and solid sources) (not speculating on own research)
-Talking to families about different ways they can advocate for themselves when working with podcast researchers and hosts
-Changing Ways you write to be more victim
-Live Zoom With Haley Gray (haley is in central)

4. Interview Expert 
-How to navagatie being respectful to families of victims
-Interviewing Survivors
-Learnning Domectic Violence Basics
-Learning Stalking Basics
-Learning Cult Basics
-Learning Grooming Basics
-Engaging With Empathy
-Making sure your guest is comfortable
-Emails To Get Guest
-Booking The Guest
-Working With Familes

5. Getting Down Your Format 
-Aligning your mission and format
-Figuring out your intro with your niche
-Target Audience
-Length of episode
-Episode Fequency
-Intro and Outro

6. How much of your own story to give 
-Is your podcast about your own story?
-Have you gone through the healing journey?
-Formating your own story
-Balancing your story and your guest
-Speakig about your story
-Owning your power
-Practice Interviewing

7. Marketing Your Podcast 
-Utilizing Your Following
-Social Media Hacks For Marketing
-Promoting at conventions
-Tik Tok
-Understanding Metrics
-Dealing with cancel culture
-Dealing with Trolls
-Engaging with other podcasters

8. Monetize Your Podcast 
-Qualifying through downloads
-Agent for Ads
-Getting ads on your own
-Test out your first or rebooted episode

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