No More Toxic Dating 5 Week Workshop

Join Terra Newell’s 5 Week No More Toxic Dating Workshop!



Febuary 2nd 2024 @ 9:30am pst

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What does this 5 week dating workshop entail? 

-Understanding your dating patterns.

-How to avoid not getting what you want in the relationship

-Avoiding self sabotage

-Learning about self sabotage 

-Having clear communication in dating 

-Learning about your attachment 

-Avoiding avoidant people

-Loving Yourself first

-Stopping being out of your alignment

-Gearing up for your future soul mate 

-5 Live 60 minute zoom calls with Terra.

-Interactive or can just observe!

-Q and A with Terra.

-Weekly homework and videos to do on your own!

5 Live Call Dates 

Week 1 February 2nd 2023 9:30 pst

Week 2 February 9th 1st 2023 9:30 pst

Week 3 February 16th 2023 9:30am pst

Week 4 February 23rd 2023 9:30am pst

Week 5 March 1,2024 9:30 am pst

*Live calls will be recorded for your keepsake

Week 1
-Getting to know Terra 
-Intro to Workshop
-Loving yourself first
-Do you really know yourself?
-Do you really know what you want?
-Mini glow up

Week 2
-Terra’s Relationship patterns
-Understanding relationship patterns
-Understanding your relationship pattern
-Deep dive into the past
-Generational patterns
-Note to self
-Going into relationship traumas
-Purging Relationship traumas

Week 3
-Understanding your nervous system with your partner with Terra.
-Understanding your nervous system with general relationships
-Why your nervous system might be Jacked up
-Cuddle hormone
-Understanding your gut
-Soulmate Guided Meditation
-How to fix a broken heart

Week 4
-Terra’s Red Flag history
-Red Flags
-Understanding dating apps
-Boy Con list
-Dating Boundaries
-Letter to your ex

Week 5
-Terra Q and A
-How to tell if someone truly loves you
-Skills for healthy romantic relationship
-Standing your ground with your boundaries
-Aligning for what you want
-Soulmate meditation

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